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It paints the depth of time, memories… it evokes a reassuring feeling that arises in the bond with childhood figures who were important to us and from whom we have received affection and we have absorbed attitudes, thoughts, ways of doing, habits.

Vetiver and its roots evoke strong bonds, those that have forged us and that belong to us deep inside.

Listen to it.

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COMPOSITION: a pleasant contrast between the softer olfactory notes of benzoin and the more decisive ones of the damp woods of vetiver and patchouli. Grapefruit and pink pepper berries give the fragrance a vertical, elegant and dynamic allure. Incense, damask rose absolute and vetiver enhance the evocative dimension of memories.

DOMINANT NOTES: vetiver, grapefruit, pink pepper, benzoin, coconut, damask rose, patchouli, incense 

OLFACTORY FAMILY: woody citrus



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