We are a new entrepreneurial reality, founded on a strong passion for music and

perfumes. Through a long process of research and training, in continuous evolution comes a line of unisex Eau de Parfum, conceived so that the musical and olfactory notes intertwine and are one the

translation of the other.  A sort of olfactory music, a combination in which music translates perfume

into a poem in unison of meaning and purpose.

assionate and obsessed about music and perfumes since she was a child, the creator of the brand lives into these two dimensions as a fulfilling inner jouney for body and spirit. After a study journey  in private schools as a Jazz singer she graduated from the Conservatory of Music, then she embarks on a training in the field of perfumery channeling her creativity into the creation of the brand NOTEFLUIDE, of its concept and of the Eau de Parfum line for which she formulates four of the five fragrances.

The composer of the fragrances commissions to the one who was her master and still a successful composer and pianist, U. Petrin, to translate into music those olfactory sensations evoked by the fragrances, to “listen to fragrances” and being overwhelmed by olfactory vibrations in a synesthetic experience where music and scent harmonise those who discover them.

NOTEFLUIDE is characterised by creating each perfume packaging entirely hand-made and thus different from one another. For its production it has choosen high-quality and green materials and it   highlights the uniqueness of products through the craftsmanship, expressing its luxury concept.

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