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The music of our collection


Noticing a melody or a fragrance is a journey into infinity, an experience of the inmost self and a deep stimulus of emotions, memories and images. Pleasure is a vital principle for men and woman, perfumes and music delight and embrace him/her in his/her entirety, a dual combination and opposition of body-spirit.

Each piece is the result of the compositive mastery of U.Petrin, famous pianist, composer and poet of our time.

He let himself be inspired by the notes of fragrances and he translated them into music.

The aim is the pleasure…

NOTEFLUIDE aims to recreate a dimension in which perfume and music are two mirror languages aimed at the same message that addresses the soul, so that it follows its own motion in order to reach a dimension of delight: a wise lightness as a “key” of life to give free space to the heart so that it can let “flows” pass through it, holding back only what is good, satisfying, tasty and satiating.

The well-being that music and scent are able to produce in the human soul is subjective, personal and certain.

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