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An instrumental opening air that bursts into the scene with confidence and enhances the smells and the scents of the theatre. The smells of pitch rubbed on the strings of the bows, the scent of the woods of grand piano, of a string orchestra, of the damp woods of the stage mix with the dusty scent of curtains, stalls and velvet boxes

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COMPOSITION: the notes patchouli, vetiver and guajaco represent the woods of the instruments       and theatre. The timur pepper reveals the metallic scent of bows whose strings vibrate steeped in Gurjum balm. Thanks to the cypriol, a dusty note that tells the story of the place and past events. In a  Great  Concert all the elements of the orchestra celebrate an ode to the oud.

DOMINANT NOTES: patchouli, vetiver, guajaco, cypriol, timur pepper, geranium, cardamon,  Gurjum balm, cashmeran.

OLFACTORY FAMILY: woody leather

COMPOSER: Luca Maffei


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